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Our sites are designed to make you money
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Below is real data taken from our websites from April 1st - May 1st 2012, and is compared with data taken from the same period in 2011. Identification and specific revenue details have been removed for the confidentiality of our clients.

92% Sales Increase 32% Sales Increase
46% Sales Increase 27% Sales Increase

Over £1 Million earnt every month
Real orders updated live, taken by e-commerce websites we've built

                     = total sales our e-commerce sites have taken since 1st Jan 2011

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Professional websites designed to win you business

Our focus is firmly set on building a website that will help you win new business, and make more money. We want you to achieve far more than a mere return on investment. With Site Now your website will be built to the highest quality by our professionals, and custom-designed to help you advertise and sell your services more effectively.

We provide unique business-savvy advice from the outset, meaning your website will cater to your target audience and communicate with them more effectively than is likely from a website you will get from another agency.

No compromise on quality

Our service is faster and more cost-effective than most traditional design agencies, yet more convenient than the do-it-yourself website builders you see advertised on TV. You may think then that there must be a compromise on quality, however this simply isnít so.

Through our years of experience we have developed a unique design process - only available from Site Now - that drastically improves on the inefficiency experienced by most traditional design agencies. This is how our service is faster and more cost-effective than other design agencies, without any compromise on quality.

The result? You receive a professionally built website, with more time and money free to spend driving your business forward in other areas.

3 day delivery of your website

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it's more important than ever that your business doesn't fall behind the competition. Every day that you don't have an effective website working to sell your products & services, your business potentially loses sales. That's why we've invested time in developing our unique 3-day delivery service. We get your business looking great online quicker than anyone else, with no compromise on quality, and at no extra expense.

No waiting

Don't wait for weeks!

Most design agencies will have you waiting 4+ weeks while they build your website. Why? Because they work on several projects at the same time. By choosing Site Now you can expect a great quality website delivered in just 3 days from design completion. That's because, when your project begins, it is the only one we focus on.

Your site will get our full attention, expertise and resources, meaning we give you greater efficiency, faster service, and a better website. Our unique design process will keep you fully informed allow you to guide us on how your website should look and feel. Weeks of waiting are a thing of the past!


Money Back Guarantee

We're committed to reliability, and work hard to ensure that your website is delivered when you expect it. That's why, when you choose Site Now, our team of experts will design and build your website around your business in just 3 days - or your money back.

We don't just give you a pre-made website - your site will be built for your business by professionals from start to finish. You can provide guidance on how the finished site should look and feel, while your friendly project manager will take care of everything else. It couldn't be easier to get a new website, and with our money back guarantee, it couldn't be faster either.

How we improve your search engine exposure...

Search Engine Optimisation

We want your website to win you new business. To increase your chances of success we conduct detailed Search Engine Optimisation on your website at no extra cost. We will optimise your site for your key search terms, target it towards your chosen audience and, if applicable, review, emulate and improve upon the tactics used by your most successful competitors.

Proven to Work

We've a great history of search engine success for local, national and international search terms. We can help your website gain more exposure & sales too! Our process - which has repeatedly proven itself to be successful - will help your business. But optimisation is unique for every company, so give us a call today to discuss how we can help your business most effectively.

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Why should you choose Site Now to build your website?
Reason 1: you will own it (unlike those 'Create your own' websites)...

siteNOW 'Do-it-yourself' websites Other design agencies
Service focused on making you money Yes We understand what it is that makes a website work, and we build that into our service.

Whereas most designers will focus on making your website pretty, we design with the expressed purpose of increasing your business's exposure and making you more money.
Business savvy advice Yes At Site Now we provide you with in-depth advice focused around designing a website that will be a good investment for your business.

Our in-depth advice guides will help you along the way.
Convenient service Yes We understand that you are busy, and that is why our design process is built to ensure maximum convinience for you.

Do-it-yourself websites however will take a large amount of your time, and most other web design agencies will bombard you with unstructured emails and questions. We keep it simple and easy.
Jargon free Yes We speak your language! We want our service to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so were avoid geek-speak at all costs.
Low cost setup Yes Yes Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business, so we've worked hard to reduce our prices as low as possible. Many agencies will charge in excess of three times what we do, where as do-it-yourself websites (although initially cheap) will tie you in to a monthly contract.
3-day build guarantee Yes Yes With Site Now your website is built within just 3 days of the design sign-off, or your money back.

Our no fess approach means you have more time available to spend running your business
12 months free hosting Yes Yes Whereas many agencies will charge you an ongoing monthly fee for hosting we do not. At Site Now the price of your website is all you pay.
Bespoke service Yes Yes Your business is unique, and your website should be too. That's why with Site Now your website will be custom-built around your business, to commuinicate to customers exactly why they should buy from you. No do-it-yourself templates here!
Built by a professional Yes Yes Why wouldn't you try to fix a leaky pipe if you weren't a plumber? Probably because the result would be poor, and it's possible that it could do you more damage than good.

The same applies to web design, and with Site Now you get all our expertise and professional advice at an affordable rate.
Search engine optimisation (SEO) Yes Yes When done correctly search engine optimisation is perhaps the single most important factor in increasing your sales. However when done poorly (as it often is) you waste a valuable opportunity to utilse the best method of marketing the world has ever known.

At Site Now we're experienced in doing it right. Check out the section 'How we improve your search engine exposure', above.
You own your website Yes Yes One of the most important downparts of a do-it-yourself website is that you don't actually own it. You are tied in to a monthly contract, and as soon as you stop paying you loose your website.

With Site Now you own your website outright. There are no tie-ins, and you can move elsewhere whenever you want.
No tie ins Yes Yes With design agencies such as Site Now you are not tied in with a monthly contract, with our 12 months free hosting there are no ongoing fees, and have the freedom to go elsewhere whenever you like. It couldn't be simpler.
Local company Yes Yes We're right on your doorstep, so you have peace of mind that the designer you are working with is available whenever you need advice or assistance.

Your convenience comes first

Really pleased with the service I received from Site Now

Jan Dennis

We understand how valuable your time is. We don't fill your inbox with information, concepts and sign-offs like other agencies. Everything is fit into one clean meeting.

You'll help guide our design expert with the fun stuff - getting the perfect visual appearance for your new website. We'll even put on lunch! After that we'll take away the hard work to do ourselves, and won't bother you until your site's finished. It really couldn't be quicker or easier!

No need to travel - we come to you

We're all about helping business grow. But we don't just limit ourselves to building great websites - we also want to help make the process of building one as straightforward, enjoyable and convenient for you as possible. That's why, when we meet with you to discuss the site's design, we'll visit your premises (or any other suitable venue you prefer) up to 100 miles away!

Technology not your strong suit? Don't worry
We make everything simple

On-hand support whenever we've needed assistance

Julie Masters, Rental Result

The world has become very technical in the past 15 years - with many small businesses struggling to keep up. If computers aren't your strong suit then you need not worry, because we've designed out service to be simple and straightforward, even for computer novices. We handle all the technical duties, and leave you do what you do best - run your business.

With clients ranging from sole traders to large companies your project manager has a wealth of experience helping businesses like yours get online without any stress and confusion. Contact us today if you have any questions and we will be happy to help!

What people are saying about us...

Expert advice always on hand

Our business has a unique, customer-centric website, which Site Now have done an excellent job of maintaining. Their specialist knowledge and great ideas have helped our website become a pioneer and the best in its industry

Emma Garrard, Director

Delivery ahead of schedule. Competent quality assurance

Site Now have to date given me 100% error free work ahead of schedule. They will discuss briefs on the 'phone which saves my time. Time is money!

Mark Sheldon, Director

Brilliant website and a great service

Site Now have developed a brilliant website for us that is very easy for us to update ourselves. They've also been on-hand with support whenever we've needed their assistance. Thanks!

Julie Masters, Rental Result

Sales increased from position #1 in Google

My business has gone from strength to strength since moving to Site Now. My site won the first position of Google for around 9 key search terms, increasing my sales notably.

Matthew Kelly, Director

Really pleased with the service

Site Now have provided a fabulously friendly and jargon free service. They are always just a call away for any queries I have had. I am really pleased with my website and so are my customers.

Jan Dennis

Very affordable - value for money

We've been working with the guys at Site Now for almost 5 years now and in that time their work has been of fantastic quality and great value for money! I highly recommend them.

Eddie, Director

Personal, friendly and reliable

Site Now are friendly and explain things in jargon-free English. They're available when we need them and our website is easy to manage part thanks to their great service.

Michelle Copeland
And plenty more local SMEs

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What you get with our ecommerce service:

Website Professional, custom built website Your website will be designed by our experts around your business. You'll be able to direct us on the design, to get a website that looks right for you Yes
Search Engine Optimisation Search engine optimisation Your website will be professionally geared towards Google, so you'll have the best opportunity for exposure without the advertising costs Yes
Clock 3 day completion Only Site Now can deliver a professional, custom-built website this fast without compromising on quality, or making you do the work Yes
Support Expert Support Whether you need expert advice or a problem solving, we're always available and happy to support you whenever you need us Yes
Update Update your website 24/7 Keep customers up-to-date with a simple tool that allows you to update your website's content whenever you want, 24/7. No technical knowledge required! Yes
Statistics Detailed Visitor Stats We supply you with Google Analytics - a fascinating tool which allows you to easily see what people are doing on your website Yes
You get an affordable, professional website with all the trimmings - custom built and delivered to you in just 3 days!
Support Locally

Plus local expert support

No matter what your business and how technically savvy you are (or are not!) we're here to help with expert advice that's delivered in straightforward Layman's terms. We won't baffle you with technical jargon (unless you ask us to!) and will work hand-in-hand with you to find a responsive solution to your problem.

And we'll also give you 6 months FREE website & email hosting worth over £100


(While server space is still available. Call today to avoid missing out)

Website hosting - the server on which your website runs - is normally an unavoidable cost. But for a limited time only with Site Now we'll give you 6 months hosting - worth over £100 - absolutely free. We'll handle the hard work of setting up your server space up, and help you set up your email. You don't have to worry about anything.

See examples of our websites for yourself...

Simply Wigs Eldon Electricals Furniture Direct Ltd

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